In any business, particularly the small business, there are few things more important than excellent customer service.  Without customers, your business cannot succeed, and the only way to maintain a healthy customer base is to provide superior customer service. 

Quality customer service is the key to repeat business and to promote your business by word of mouth.  Small companies can differentiate themselves from large competition and win over new customers with great service. 

Losing even a single customer can be very costly, which means that every complaint big or small must be addressed and resolved in a manner that satisfies the customer.  It’s critical for companies to turn a complaint into a positive for the customer and for the company moving forward.

Competing on price isn’t the most effective way to build a successful business.  Great service, delivered time and time again, is the only solution to competing with even the most well-known and well-funded company.

The use of proper quotation forms is a necessary step to ensure a proper, accurate and fair quote.  In the service industry, there are few things that can make or break your business more than a quoting a customer and sticking to it as close as possible.  For instance, quoting a customer $1500 parts and labor to refurbish kitchen cabinets and then billing $2000 is a big no-no.  However, if you quote the same $1500 and bill $1200 and your work is the high quality work you promised, your customer will be ecstatic and when they want more work done, you’ll likely be their first call. 

The success of your business depends on repeat customers and the recommendation of satisfied customers.  During any interaction with customers – whether they are a new or a repeat customer, always take care to leave them happy with the service and the work.