In any industry, forms are an annoying but essential part of everyday life. When you work in the automotive industry, you are no exception. When you are making your forms purchase, think about the areas in which you specialize. After all, if you do not have the correct forms, your orders become unorganized, and you and your customers lose protection.

If you own a car dealership, you need to provide purchasers with a bill of sale as well as warranty information. To do this effectively, keep bill of sale and buyer's guide warranty forms on hand. The warranty forms provide a No Warranty option for instances in which a car is being sold without a warranty. If you are providing a warranty, outline the terms on the form to protect yourself and the buyer. Keep a few Spanish versions of this form handy in case your buyer does not speak English. It is also important to keep odometer disclosure forms handy, so there is no question about the number of miles on the cars you sell.

If you are in the auto repair industry, your form needs are different. In your shop, keep a stock of estimate forms. When customers bring their cars in to have a problem diagnosed, you need to have the ability to provide the customer with a written record of the diagnosis, what is needed to fix it and how much you expect it to cost. In addition to estimate forms, you also need service and work order forms to provide documentation when customers decide to use your services.

Regardless of the branch of the auto industry in which you work, it is important to keep a variety of forms in stock. These forms protect your business and your customers and keep everyone informed. The best way to gain repeat customers is by being clear and concise, and forms allow you to do this.