All business owners need a method for creating invoices which does not consume a lot of time to create, and that produces a professional looking document to send to clients. As we grow our business, we will find there are many administrative tasks that must be done to keep your business running smoothly from client communication to invoicing and marketing. We must clearly display the word "invoice" on the document. In addition to this, you must include a unique identification number, your company name, address and contact information, plus the company name and address of the customer you are invoicing. Also, a clear description of what you are charging for, the date the goods or service were provided, the date of the invoice, the amount(s) being charged, VAT amount if applicable and the total amount owed. One could work with multiple clients each week or even more than one client on a daily basis. If you are creating an invoice from scratch for each client, and each individual project we complete, we are spending far too much time on the task. 

Sending the invoice to the client is how one will get paid for the work; but the hour spent creating a new invoice for each client is unpaid time that we could put to better use on a paying assignment. Time is money for business owners. Finding ways to work smarter instead of working harder will save you both time and money and allow you the time you need to focus on the income generating activities of your business. One can have a professionally designed invoice that is accurate and portrays a consistent image of your company to your clients. A quality invoice template will also allow us to indicate whether each individual item on the invoice should be taxed or not. So that you can easily charge for both labor and products in the event that our businesses that must charge for our products separate from the service you provide. At Jenkins Business Forms, we have general and job specific invoices catered to your needs.  If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us and one of our excellent service staff will assist you with your purchase.