Regardless of how successful any business might be, there’s always a desire for expansion that comes from increasing the number of customers of that business. Owners of thriving businesses and successful entrepreneurs have discovered over time, the methods of increasing business that work, as well as those that tend to be more of a waste of time. What follows are five things you can do that have been proven to attract positive attention to businesses, and therefore have been effective in increasing sales.

Display String Pendants

Colorful pennant strings are a great way to catch the attention of passersby. They flutter and fly in the wind, catching the sunlight and the movement they produce creates an instant eye-catching moment. String pennants are great for multiple functions, advertising and grand openings. Like many other types of displays for your business, pennant strings can be reused over and over.

Hang Banners

Banners that most effectively draw attention are brightly colored with bold, easy-to-read contrasting lettering. Banners with simple messages like OPEN HOUSE or SALE in large, block letters are highly effective in catching the eye of everyone passing by your business, and will inspire interest in them to know more.

Spruce Up The Entrance To Your Store

If you have nothing but sidewalks in front of you, plant up some large pots with something like bright red geraniums with ferns and keep them watered, fed and well maintained. In the winter, plant junipers and string lights on them. An abundance of flowers will attract customers’ eyes, so everyone will readily know where your location is in town.

Balloons That Fly In The Wind

There’s nothing less expensive that you can use to provide movement and attention to your business than balloons. Tie them to a railing or a column. If there is nowhere to tie and secure them, you can use cinder blocks laid flat to tie the strings through the holes. If you don't like the way cinder-blocks look, wrap them with festive looking cloth, burlap or gift wrapping paper. Be sure to use a generous number of balloons and replace them often, as helium deflates in the sun.

Indicate Your Location With Feather Flags

One of the more recent methods of garnering the attention of people in the area is by the clever use of prominent and distinctive feather flags. Quite eye-catching, these flags can be mounted to one or more cars in the parking lot, and when your business is set off the road, a feather flag mounted on a car parked closer to traffic will effectively draw attention your way.