It’s that time of year when you can throw out the old and begin anew.  Most people use the first of the year to set resolutions that many will not follow through with.  Diet and weight loss, organization, new jobs, new ways to parent, stop drinking and smoking and a host of other things people vow to do or not do.  Promises to self are promises easily broken.  Of course there are those individuals who have the will power and dedication to stick with their goals throughout the years.

In business, it’s necessary to set goals for the year and to focus on achieving them.  Though you may have some goals you personally want to reach in the coming year, there are some common goals many companies set.  Improve customer satisfaction, improve brand awareness, find new markets, expand product or service lines, reduce marketing times, improve employee satisfaction, increase communication, reduce operational costs, generate new sources of revenue, and increase networking. 

Of these goals, the most important to attain are customer and employee satisfaction.  Companies, particularly small ones, must have superior customer service to stand above their competition.  In order to provide such services, employees must believe in the product or service they are selling.  A good employee is a happy employee and a happy employee is a good employee.

While a new year can be a good time to set new goals, the best way to ensure customer and employee satisfaction is to show appreciation and care every day of the year.