Among the most consistent and popular choices of promotional products include Pens and Pencils. This is not surprising as they are used by many companies and businesses because of their key versatile marketing benefits. Other reasons and major benefits why businesses should use printed custom pens or pencils for marketing campaigns include the following:

Cost Effectiveness. In terms of cost-saving and cost-effective benefits, Promotional Pens and Pencils are the most dependable items. They come in a wide range available from the basic plastic pens to more expensive metal and roller ball pens. This only means that with careful selection of the right pens to use for your promotion campaign, there is something that will suit any amount of budget you have. 

Suitability. Promotional pens are also reliable because of their suitability. Suitability means having to choose the right pen for every recipient or customer. For example, if you are aiming for mass distribution of promotional pens there are plastic ballpoint pens available for your budget. Plastic pens are less costly compared with metal pens, so you can be sure that your marketing expenses are well regulated. On the other hand, metal pens make great corporate gifts because of their elegance and value. Promotional metal pens are also excellent gifts for high class clients.

Longevity. Promotional pens and pencils are also effective in terms of providing useful and functional service to your customers and clients. As long as there is ink in the pens, your purpose of promoting your brand will get stronger each time the pen is used. Also, even if it is not often used, the print still carries marketing information, which helps in brand exposure. 

Variety. There are actually myriads of promo pens and pencils available for every kind of business and industry. With hundreds of colors to choose from, there is always something that fits your marketing needs. You can even prefer to be environmentally friendly by buying recycled pens and printing them with funky design. These recycled pens can even be refilled for a lasting use and are not as expensive as other promo items.

Branding. Branding is also one of the great opportunities for companies to exercise their creativity and at the same time help meet their marketing needs. Through time, pen and pencil designs have evolved from the crude applications of technology to the most modern digital print techniques.

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