If you have a website, like jbforms.com, for your business, there is a pretty good likelihood that you have a contact form on it somewhere - if not multiple places.

At the very least, you have multiple "Contact Us" links that lead visitors to your contact form. The contact form is very versatile in that be used by any species of visitor - whether it be press, a vendor, a potential customer, a disgruntled customer, a job seeker, etc. It is a primary source for visitor outreach to your company; however, are you finding that your conversion rate for your contact form is not where you want it to be, which of course translates into diminished engagements with visitors?

There could be any number of reasons for this, so we are providing a couple quick tips to help you with your contact form so you can see better conversion rates and better traffic on your website:
  • KISS. Keep it simple, Stanley. Take a hard look at the number of fields you ask visitors to fill out. If there are too many, a visitor may decide not to finish the process. How much information do you really need to help someone? When you help someone in person, do you really need his or her home phone number or address in order to answer a question or provide a service?
  • Create trust. Don't add extra steps if not necessary, guide them through filling out the form, and clearly mention how the information provided will be used - and be truthful if you say the information won't be used or sold for any marketing purposes.
  • Friction-less. Not only walk your visitors through the form by using ghost text, but also help them fix any errors before they submit, and set your tab order in a way that makes sense so savvy form-fillers can move quickly and effortlessly through the form.
  • Mobile priority. Mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops and laptops. And there are more of them, so odds are greater that many of your visitors will visit your site from a mobile device. A smaller will force you to think smaller first when it comes to your form. Every detail of the form must take mobile into consideration; if the form is easier on that platform, then your conversion rate will increase everywhere.