Running a small business takes a great amount of time, cost, and effort. And, small business owners need to be able to spend their time fulfilling the needs and desires of their clients and customers and not on tasks related to paperwork and form creation. Thankfully, there are companies such as Jenkins Business Forms who can provide small businesses with the forms they need to get and stay ahead of the game. These are the forms that small businesses need the most:


You should always offer each of your customers and/or clients a hard copy receipt. There are many types of receipts to choose from so that you can be assured of getting the perfect receipt for your business.   


If you run a business-to-business business, you need invoices. You can go with carbonless or carbon interleaved invoices.   

Repair Orders

If your business does repairs for others, you need a standardized repair form. Conversely, if you need repairs from time to time, you may want to standardize the form you use to order repairs if your repair provider does not have one.  


Internal communications such as notifications of policies and procedures need to be distributed in memo form. If your business needs to make any such communications, you need memo forms. There are many types of memo forms available from the 2-part memo letter to the 3-part version.  


Every business owner needs to write letters now and again. Buy a ream or more of letterhead paper to ensure that you always have paper to print your business letters upon.  

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are normally available in 2-, 3-, and 4-parts. They can be either carbonless or with carbon. A quality purchase order lets businesses make very specific orders that will in turn help them receive orders quickly, correctly, and at less cost.  

Sales Order Forms

Sales order forms feature columns and rows that let business owners records sales that they make. Many of these forms come in carbonless books.