I can honestly say that one form of advertising is highly “underrated”.  As retailer and service providers scramble to see who can get the best traction for their “most important keywords” and businesses “Tweet” their way to social media success, they may be missing the most important customer of all – the one that is walking by their front door!

The concept of using promotional flags and advertising banners may have piqued your interest in reading this article, but how do you use promotional banners to your advantage?  Here are some examples that may give you the inspiration you need to use advertising flags creatively.

Display advertising banners around the corner or down the street from your store, using them to “tease” a special sale or promotion.  If done right, this type of promotion keeps people in suspense and forces them to come in and see what you have to offer.

Use promotional banners inside your store to promote special offers, new products, your web site, a contest, free gift wrapping, or other value-added bonuses.

Use advertising banners to promote a huge sales event and make them large enough to be visible to drivers going by your store.

Use promotional flags and advertising banners at special events or display them in a public shopping mall where your target audience shops.  One example of this is when retail shopping malls allow non-competitive business to hang large promotional banners above the escalators or other common areas.

Promotional flags and advertising banners were once a staple for any storeowner looking to drive traffic in the door, but those were the pre-Internet days. If I had to advise a small business owner on marketing, I would encourage them to incorporate promotional flags into their “media mix” and direct the flow of traffic into their front door, rather than just their home page.

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