Every day, we are bombarded by a plethora of advertisements through different media. Sometimes we see them, often we don’t. But what if advertisements come in the form of things that could actually benefit us? Wouldn't we be happy to receive those freebies, no matter how small? 

Free, useful things are appreciated everywhere we go. That is why instead of wasting precious glossy papers, advertisers are now advised to broadcast their company names through useful things that people would gratefully receive. And what could be more practical than a bunch of highly utilitarian pens with your slogans and logos emblazoned on them?

Quality of Reach 

Customized promotional pens may reach less number of people compared to the wide reach of billboards and the broadcast media. However, the use of pens is actually more cost-effective compared to its more expensive alternatives. Because you can decide who to give your pens to, you know that your advertisement has reached its target audience. That way, your advertisement is aimed at pre-qualified and targeted audience, buyers who are likely into the kind of product or service you are offering. 

Greater Reach for Less

Once you have your ad printed on a simple, but eye-catching pen, your ad will always have an audience. Unlike print ads that get only a few seconds of attention in a world saturated by fleeting attentions, and radio ads that get easily forgotten once they are off the air, your pens will continue performing their task as long as they can still be used by people. 

Furthermore, the reach of your advertisement does not stop at the people who receive those pens. These people will be walking around using their pens. In the process, their peers, who will most likely belong to the same target demography, will also be able to see your ad. 

Ads for Keeps

The customized pens you distribute to your intended audience will always be in use. Everybody needs pens and you will be there to supply them with what they need while spreading awareness about your business in the process. It’s a win-win situation. And while your pens still have ink in them, your audience will gladly use them over and over again, seeing your company logo and reading your company name every single time. That kind of exposure you get from a seemingly small item leads to easy brand recall.

Even when you’re just a budding company of a very small team, you can always afford to get your potential clients’ attention with these inexpensive, utilitarian and customized promotional pens.