You likely use a point-of-sale system at your restaurant to process payments. While many POS systems also include the ability to input orders and create guest checks, you may actually be better off with a simple solution: Guest checks.

Guest checks are old-fashioned paper order forms on which you write down the order information and pricing. Here are just a few reasons why your restaurant should be using guest checks:

They are Easier to Use

Not everyone is comfortable using technology, and training some employees on a complicated POS system can take a long time (and use up a lot of your resources). You won’t need to train employees how to use guest checks other than to show them the shorthand for menu items (if you use it). Even without the shorthand, employees can simply write the name of the menu item and its price right on the check. It’s a simple system that anyone can use.

They Save Time

When you input an order into a POS system, you have to wait for the system to process the order and print the ticket. When you use a guest check, the ticket is finished as soon as you finish writing. It skips a whole step and makes the ordering and checkout process much faster. That will save time when your line is backed up and when your customers are in a hurry.

They Save Money

A POS system can be very expensive. Guest checks are very affordable. You can save a lot of money by skipping the POS system and using a simple credit card processor or cash register instead. How much you save depends on what options you choose for payment processing.

Consider investing in guest checks to make your business operations easier and to save your business a lot of money. It’s a simple solution that can have a big impact.