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Automotive Forms and Products

Posted by JB Forms on 6/2/2015
If you work in the automotive industry, you or your employees could easily become lost and confused in your daily responsibilities without the help of tools to keep you organized and efficient. When it comes to imperative tools that you require in your automotive shop, business forms are probably some of the most important. 

Advertising Made Easy and Affordable

Posted by JB Forms on 5/27/2015
In today's world of business, it is more important than ever to not only maximize your current customer base's engagement with your brand, but to increase that customer base as much as possible. While that may seem like a major oversimplification, the simple truth is that the more customers you have, the more product you can produce, and that equals growth. The problem for many businesses is that, to grow, you need to advertise, and the cost of advertising can often be prohibitively high. The solution is to find effective means of advertising that not only fit into your budget, but that offer a return on investment that warrants its use. One great way of doing this is through visual advertising at, and around, your place of business.

What are the Requirements to be PCI Compliant?

Posted by JB Forms on 5/19/2015
There are 12 requirements of all organizations that process, store or transmit credit card data. All of them are common sense security measures that focus on attention to detail and risk management.

Using Promotional Flags and Advertising Banners

Posted by JB Forms on 5/12/2015
I can honestly say that one form of advertising is highly “underrated”.  As retailer and service providers scramble to see who can get the best traction for their “most important keywords” and businesses “Tweet” their way to social media success, they may be missing the most important customer of all – the one that is walking by their front door!

Great Marketing Advantages of Promotional Pens and Pencils

Posted by JB Forms on 3/24/2015
Among the most consistent and popular choices of promotional products include Pens and Pencils. This is not surprising as they are used by many companies and businesses because of their key versatile marketing benefits. Other reasons and major benefits why businesses should use printed custom pens or pencils for marketing campaigns include the following:

Components of an Effective Memorandum

Posted by JB Forms on 3/24/2015
Memos are meant to instruct, remind or highlight project status updates, promotions or other personnel changes, policy changes or changes to work procedures or business practices. Therefore, they need to be clear and concise, and like all business correspondence, formal in tone.

Essential Business Forms for the Start-up Landscaping Business

Posted by JB Forms on 2/24/2015
Spring is just around the corner with a sense of new beginnings.  Let’s face it –you love to work outside, preferably around the yard, tending the lawn, upgrading the landscape, giving the atmosphere a sense of aesthetics.  After years of doing the “same-ole-same ole” you have decided to start up a landscaping business.  You have all the equipment needed to successfully carry out any landscaping assignment and you have the principle to start.  In addition, you have a discount at a friend’s landscape supply which you have been using for a decade or so, continually upgrading your private piece of paradise.  You and your wife talk it over, and as a willing partner and co-worker decide to “go for it” together.  First a landscaping contractor’s license is a valuable and credible asset to your profession and may be required in your respective state. Secondly, you need to plan the range and scope of services, as well as the number of employees needed.  In addition, beyond accounting software and other digital business software –on the site or in the office forms are needed to initiate your services.

The Forms your Small Business Needs the Most

Posted by Jenkins Business Forms on 2/21/2015
Small businesses can save time and money by sourcing their forms from a form creating and providing service. There are a good number of forms, such as receipts, invoices, repair orders, memos, letterhead, purchase orders, and sales orders, that small businesses can quickly, easily, and inexpensively procure. 

Simplify Office Communications with Instant Workplace Memo Forms

Posted by JB Forms on 1/22/2015
Effective communication is a critical requirement when it comes to running an office. With effective communication lines in place, office workers and clients can juggle their responsibilities with ease, attend to customer and client requirements with confidence and sustain a professional relationship with their co-workers.

The Basics on How to Invoice Freelance Clients Like a Professional

Posted by JB Forms on 1/20/2015
The flexibility that comes with freelancing often overshadows the hard work that comes with being one's own boss. Often, working for yourself also means answering the phone yourself, tirelessly promoting your service, and keeping your own books on top of delivering the job that you promised.

Accurate Quotations Equal Satisfied Customers

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 1/6/2015

In any business, particularly the small business, there are few things more important than excellent customer service.  Without customers, your business cannot succeed, and the only way to maintain a healthy customer base is to provide superior customer service.  

Goals for the New Year

Posted by JBforms on 12/29/2014

It’s that time of year when you can throw out the old and begin anew.  Most people use the first of the year to set resolutions that many will not follow through with.  Diet and weight loss, organization, new jobs, new ways to parent, stop drinking and smoking and a host of other things people vow to do or not do.  Promises to self are promises easily broken.  Of course there are those individuals who have the will power and dedication to stick with their goals throughout the years.

Florists, Keep Even the Harshest Bridezilla Happy: Put it all in Writing

Posted by JB Forms on 11/20/2014
Chances are good that you won’t encounter a true Bridezilla, but documentation which requires the client to sign off as changes are made is priceless should a dispute arise.

Setting the Right Prices for Your Business

Posted by JB Forms on 10/24/2014

As a small business owner, record keeping is mandatory to keep track of business expenses, profits, taxes and even to price adjustments.  When you are first starting out, you may have set your prices to attract customers, and a few months into ownership, you realize you’re losing money.  Setting the right prices is a tricky and sometimes difficult thing.  If you’re prices are too high, you risk turning off customers.  Of course, that situation is easily remedied by dropping prices to more reasonable levels.

Want to Spread the Word? Advertise with Pens!

Posted by JB Forms on 10/15/2014
Unlike print ads that get only a few seconds of attention in a world saturated by fleeting attentions, and radio ads that get easily forgotten once they are off the air, your pens will continue performing their task as long as they can still be used by people. What could be more practical than a bunch of highly utilitarian pens with your slogans and logos emblazoned on them?

4 Ways to Integrate Social Media With Traditional Marketing

Posted by JB Forms on 9/23/2014
Generating interest for your product or service requires calling the attention of your prospective market. This can be achieved using the time-tested methods of putting up banners, pennants, feather and decorative flags, and other traditional forms of advertising, which still have their place in marketing.

Organized Business Form Storage

Posted by JB Forms on 9/22/2014
Altruism aside, the reason that businesses exist is to make money. It really is that simple, and anyone who believes otherwise has either never done business or won't be doing business for much longer.

Space-Saving Banners Get Your Message Up

Posted by JB Forms on 9/12/2014
Banners are a useful tool for grabbing people’s attention at your business site. Whether you are promoting a sale, offering financing, or announcing your grand opening, an eye-catching banner can help you make the announcement and welcome more people into your business.

Feather Flags Capture The Eye

Posted by JB Forms on 9/12/2014
A thorough marketing strategy is likely to operate on many levels. While online and multimedia exposure can be very effective, it is a good idea to remember that old-school techniques may be equally effective in drawing traffic. Feather flags offer a durable, portable, visually stimulating, and inexpensive way to promote your business.

The Importance of Billing for a Successful Business

Posted by JB Forms on 8/28/2014
One of the most important aspect to running any business – big or small, privately held or public corporation - is billing.  Without billing, cash flow will dry up and business will collapse.

Effective Invoice Forms for your Business

Posted by Timothy on 8/15/2014
All business owners need a method for creating invoices which does not consume a lot of time to create, and that produces a professional looking document to send to clients. As we grow our business, we will find there are many administrative tasks that must be done to keep your business running smoothly from client communication to invoicing and marketing. We must clearly display the word "invoice" on the document.

Five Proven Ways To Attract Business

Posted by JB Forms on 8/14/2014
Regardless of how successful any business might be, there’s always a desire for expansion that comes from increasing the number of customers of that business. Owners of thriving businesses and successful entrepreneurs have discovered over time, the methods of increasing business that work, as well as those that tend to be more of a waste of time.

Why Your Restaurant Should Use Guest Checks

Posted by JB Forms on 7/20/2014
You likely use a point-of-sale system at your restaurant to process payments. While many POS systems also include the ability to input orders and create guest checks.

Three Simple DIYs for Your Small Business to Save Money

Posted by JB Forms on 7/8/2014
Running a successful small business is tough. Competition is tight, profit margins are low, and regulations are stifling.

Putting More Conversion in Your Online Contact Form

Posted by David on 7/3/2014
If you have a website, like, for your business, there is a pretty good likelihood that you have a contact form on it somewhere - if not multiple places.
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