Advertising Made Easy and Affordable

In today's world of business, it is more important than ever to not only maximize your current customer base's engagement with your brand, but to increase that customer base as much as possible. While that may seem like a major oversimplification, the simple truth is that the more customers you have, the more product you can produce, and that equals growth. The problem for many businesses is that, to grow, you need to advertise, and the cost of advertising can often be prohibitively high. The solution is to find effective means of advertising that not only fit into your budget, but that offer a return on investment that warrants its use. One great way of doing this is through visual advertising at, and around, your place of business.

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What are the Requirements to be PCI Compliant?

There are 12 requirements of all organizations that process, store or transmit credit card data. All of them are common sense security measures that focus on attention to detail and risk management.
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Using Promotional Flags and Advertising Banners

I can honestly say that one form of advertising is highly “underrated”.  As retailer and service providers scramble to see who can get the best traction for their “most important keywords” and businesses “Tweet” their way to social media success, they may be missing the most important customer of all – the one that is walking by their front door!
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