Staying Organized in the Great Outdoors: Customizable Forms for Your Campground

If you run a campground or are in the process of opening one, there are quite a few things you need to consider when it comes to minding the day-to-day aspects of the business. There are a variety of forms that campgrounds need to stay organized and to keep operating.

Reservations are an important part of running a campground, as it's necessary to make sure that you have adequate space available for campers. Campground reservation request forms allow you to collect pertinent information from campers, including contact information, arrival date, departure date and electric and sewer needs. Confirmation of reservation forms are a great way to send your future guests an acknowledgment of their reservation, and they allow you to record fees that the guest is responsible for paying.

After guests have arrived at your campground, use campground registration forms to record information about the type of camper they occupy, their license plate number, their campsite number and their special needs. There's enough space on the form to collect the client's signature and record a balance due.

While guests are staying at your campground, passes keep them organized. Car passes are designed to hang from a car's rear-view mirror and ensure that guests park in their designated parking spaces. Visitor passes can be given out to temporary guests of the campground, and launch permits can be used for boats and other watercraft. All passes and permits available from Jenkins can be purchased in a variety of color or high-visibility options to increase the efficiency of your business.

When running a campground, it's important to stay organized. The more diligent you are about record-keeping and paperwork, the more time you have available to get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Customizable business forms from Jenkins ensure that your paperwork is customized to your business and captures all the necessary information from your satisfied campers.