Sales order forms need to be compact and concise to elicit a favorable response from a prospect. Simplicity of design is key to triggering consumer interest and all companies must take the necessary effort to formulate their sales forms effectively. Here are some simple tips to help you with the task.


Easy to Read 

The first major attribute of a sales order form is that it should be easy to read. The design must be simple and it would be ideal to leave enough space for the user to fill in all the important details like, choice of color, product category, number of items, credit card details and other data relevant to the product.


Form Should be Concise

Sales order forms must be fully accessible to a prospect. When you have them dispatched to potential customers through direct mail, there are some factors you need to consider. The letter or brochure which is sent along with the sales order should be descriptive and to the point. It should offer all the answers the prospect may have regarding the product. The sales order form is usually the biggest to make it stand out among the others. Since people have already read the letter, the prospect will just simply skim through the details on the order form. So it is essential to keep the form concise in terms of product description details.


Summary of the Product

The sales order form must be able to provide the major benefits that come with buying the product. You can also add a unique selling point (USP) that tips the product in your favor when compared to other competitors in its segment. You can provide additional data like preventive margin of benefits (PMB) which will further help influence buying behavior.



Today a lot of companies have come to realize the benefits that come with using photographs in order forms because they tend to add credibility to the service being provided by you. This is however not compulsory and you can decide on what is best for you. You can also include value certificate borders and dotted lines to produce better looking results.


Minimal Options

When it comes to subscription, you need to keep the number of options to a minimum. Research has time and again proved that the more options you provide, there can be a fall in response by 10 to 15 per cent. Make it a point to sell only one product at a time. This will ensure that the prospects are not burdened with additional options which could lead to confusion and indecisiveness.