Contractors, we’re talking to you. You want to protect your business with proper documentation of all job contracts, work forms and invoices. And what do we mean by protect? Well, you want to establish accountability of both your employees and your clients, and most importantly you want to ensure payment. Having forms for these important business functions can save you the headache and legalities some clients may try to impose.

Here are some of the key documents contractors should use in their business:

Work Proposal and Acceptance
Your job starts and ends here. After you submit your work proposal to your client, they must acknowledge the job and sign it for the job to become a legally binding document. We offer you Proposal and Acceptance Forms, Parts Quotation Forms, and other primary documents that help you convey the workload and cost of the upcoming project to your client.

Work Order Forms
No matter what your client needs, we’ve got the documentation to support your business. General, electric, plumbing or pool work order service forms are available. Keep track of what is happening in your ongoing projects, and add it to the client’s file.

Cash Receipt Books
Cash transactions are by nature more difficult to keep tabs on. So make the smart business decision to invest in cash receipt books. Every time a cash transaction occurs, make sure to note the customer, the amount and provide the client with a copy. This way you both are in acknowledgement that a payment has been made.

Invoices can be as categorical or specific as you need them to be. We carry different selections of invoices so you can choose which one works best for your business.

We customize your important business documents for you with your company name, address, etc. It’s important to establish the credibility of your business and create complete customer files to mitigate your risk.