Ensuring the success of your business involves so many things. Some of the concerns are big-ticket items, such as providing thorough training for your carefully selected staff, thoroughly understanding the goods or services you provide, and offering excellent customer service. There are also many so-called small details that actually have more impact that you think.

Perhaps choosing your business forms seems to be one of those small details. Although this task takes little time to complete, it is to your long-term benefit to select forms that best meet your needs. For example, if you own a rental business, a form with a tear-off receipt for advance payments saves time. A rental form that also includes a comprehensive contract agreement protects you against damage or loss.

Avoid generic forms. Make sure that your business name, address and your complete contact information appear on all of your business forms. This small move subtly makes your business feel like a "real" business to your customers. Be sure to select a font for the type on your forms that is easy to read. Make sure that the type of form you choose allows both your customer and your business to have copies, with two copies for your business if necessary.

Select order forms that make it clear to both your customer and your employees exactly what goods and/or services are being ordered. Include a breakdown of the charges for each separate item, the time frame for delivery and any other pertinent items. A clear written agreement is the best way to avoid future conflict and potential loss of customers and income.