Many people who sell their own crafts make the mistake of believing that because their businesses are small, they do not need professional-quality business forms for their businesses; however, even small, sole proprietors benefit from the cache professional forms offer. The next time you find yourself selling your wares at a craft show, be ready with professional-quality invoices.

By keeping a supply of professional invoices on hands, you avoid having to print your own. This might not seem like an inconvenience, but when you are selling your products in rapid fashion, the last thing you are likely to want to do is stop to print more invoices. Order multi-part invoices in order to keep a copy and give another to your customer. Often these forms are sold in booklets so that they are easy to carry. Depending on where you shop for forms, it is possible to order multi-part invoices printed with your business contact information on each invoice. Not only are you likely to find such forms handy when selling your products at crafts shows, you are also likely to use them when shipping orders from your business headquarters. Even though many people rely on digital records, standard invoices generate more confidence in customers than email receipts alone.

In addition to lending your business credibility with customers, professional-quality invoices help you keep your transactions organized in a concrete, easy-to-track manner. When it comes time to file your business taxes, you and your accountant are likely to be grateful to have copies of physical invoices available to track your revenues.